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We're on a mission to provide comprehensive dental care that redefines your perception of "going to the dentist."

At Ascend Dental Design, we offer all the essential comprehensive dental care that helps you and your loved ones stay healthy. But we also have extensive training in advanced services like cosmetic dentistry, dental implant therapy, full mouth regeneration, and Invisalign. When you become a patient, you'll notice the difference lies not in what services we provide, but how we provide them.

Our real passion is being trusted by you. We see your comprehensive dental care as a partnership—and you'll see that approach in every little thing we do.

Everyone in the family will love
coming to see us.

Why do our patients of all ages actually enjoy coming to see us? Because when they walk in the door, we're there to welcome them by name. We remember birthdays and anniversaries. We know every little thing that makes them feel right at home and like they're being listened to.

Seniors, adults, teens, and kids: we see every one of our patients as family, so we treat them like family.

We're dedicated to providing a patient experience unlike any other.

We're passionate about providing great dentistry. And we're committed to providing a patient experience unlike the others you're used to.

Both Dr. Dorman and Dr. Magers have trained across the country with the world's best educators. They can assess simple and complex dental concerns, offer a variety of solutions, and deliver the highest level of care you can find anywhere. All in a calm, comfortable, welcoming environment.

One of our values is involving our patients in their own treatment process. We will listen to you. We will make sure we know your goals. And every step of the way, we work to make sure you're aware of—and comfortable with your dental care. We know how important choosing a dentist can be for you and your family. And it's why we won't stop at anything to meet your high expectations.

What should I bring?

What should I bring?

To save time, you have the option to bring your completed patient paperwork with you to your first visit. Download and print this paperwork right here, right now.

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Where are you located?

Where are you located?

Our Branson West building is located at 18020 Business 13, Suite E. Our Springfield building is located at 1200 E. Woodhurst Dr., Building U.

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What are my payment options?

What are my payment options?

We have plenty of payment options so you can get the quality care you deserve. Find out more about our membership plans and insurance coverage.

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