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General Dentistry In Branson West, MO, and Springfield, MO.

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In the simplest terms, general dentistry involves the care and maintenance of your teeth. That care includes regular cleanings to remove plaque and tartar buildup, treatments to repair damaged teeth or gums caused by decay or disease, and other procedures to keep your oral health in optimal condition. This type of dental care helps patients maintain optimal oral health and function throughout their lifetime. At our practice, we provide general dentistry services to address common concerns that affect our patients’ smiles. If you want to learn more about our general dentistry procedures, call and schedule an appointment with our dentist at Ascend Dental Design.

General Dentistry In Branson West, MO, and Springfield, MO

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When patients visit a general dentist, they receive a variety of dental care services in one convenient location. This saves the time spent seeing different specialists and allows them to address all of their concerns in a single visit. In addition to saving patients time, general dentists also save the inconvenience of visiting multiple offices. Instead, patients can visit one location and have their cleanings, x-rays, and other diagnostic procedures done in the same location. This helps them to avoid having to schedule multiple appointments in different offices, and the consistent environment helps to keep their anxieties at bay when they visit the office.

The overarching goal of general dentistry is to keep the teeth healthy so you don’t suffer from tooth decay, gum disease, or other oral health issues. Regular professional cleanings and exams make sure that your teeth are healthy and free of infection. But that’s by no means the extent of what general dentistry can do for you and your family. In fact, general dentistry can also include a variety of cosmetic procedures to help you look and feel your best. These include teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, dental implants, and more. Cosmetic services can make your smile brighter and more attractive so that you feel more confident in your personal and professional lives.

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